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The recipe for your CV

How to write a good CV is the first challenge you face when you start looking for a job.

How do describe yourself, which experience you should add, and which skills are better to highlight?

You might feel overwhelmed by this before you start, so here are some tips on how to start writing your Resume.

Tailoring your resume for every application means adding and reviewing the parts of your CV that can be matched to the job you are applying to.

This can really make a difference in the outcome, so here is how to get started.

First: you can use specific words that can help you get the recruiters' attention.

Which words?

We can call them keywords and can make the hiring manager focus on you when scrolling through the CVs and cover letters.

Most important: how do we choose these words?

CNBC suggests following these steps:

  • You need the words that are in the job description: Read the job post and use its language to build your cv and highlight your skills and experience

  • Impactful verb: past tense verbs to show your impact and use words like: “accomplished, improved, trained, mentored, manager…”

  • Number and percentage: they will empathize your accomplishment and impact. They will make it concrete and evaluable

Is time to get started!

If you need more help with your job search, contact us and we will help you through the process!

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