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Leadership and communications

You can’t be an effective leader without strong communication skills.

"You can have the greatest idea in the world, but if you can’t persuade anyone else to follow your vision, your influence and impact will be greatly diminished," says author and keynote speaker Carmine Gallo.

And this is the reason why communication is no longer considered a “soft skill” among the world’s top business leaders.

To be an efficient Communicator you have to study all three forms: writing, speaking, and presenting, like most iconic leaders that strive to perfect all of them.

In his book, “The Bezos Blueprint”, Carmine Gallo shares the following tactics that well-known leaders often use when communicating with their teams:

1. Use short words to talk about hard things

You’ll win more fans if you replace long words and sentences with short ones because long, complicated sentences are mentally draining and demand more concentration. Try to reduce “cognitive strain” because ideas that are easy to understand are more persuasive.

2. Choose sticky metaphors to reinforce key concepts

Metaphors bring people on a journey without ever leaving their seats. When you introduce a new or abstract idea, your audience will automatically search for something familiar to help them make sense of it. Introduce a novel metaphor and beat them to the punch.

3. Humanise data to create value

reducing cognitive load and making any data point interesting is to humanize it by placing the number in perspective.

Any time you introduce numbers, take the extra step to make them engaging, memorable, and, ultimately, persuasive.

To demonstrate the value of your idea, humanize data and make it relevant to your listeners.

4. Make mission your mantra to align teams

Repeat the mission so often that it becomes a mantra. A mantra is a statement or slogan that builds strength as it’s repeated.

Your mission should take center stage, and shine a spotlight on your company’s purpose across communication channels.

If your mission stands for something, then stand up for it.

Be the leader you would follow!

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