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How to speak with them?

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

According to an Expedia Group Media Solutions study, Gen Z, which is anyone born between 1995-2000, is the largest generation right now. This generation has grown up with information at their fingertips and is living through a world that is constantly innovating when it comes to technology. They can quickly move on to something else if their attention is not captured and the message is not delivered in a way that speaks to them directly. This is why it is important to know how to speak to them! A lot of brands and businesses are changing the way they communicate to attract this generation and connect with them and hospitality needs to do the same! How? Here are some tips that can help you be seen and followed by the new generation:

  1. Embrace technology. Gen Z is composed of technological natives. They have had access to some of the best advancements technology could offer since they were born and they are more likely to follow who gives the possibility to engage with services during and before their stay via an app.

  2. Develop an online presence. This generation is likely to search online when in need of information. Reviews from traditional media, travel bloggers and even every day guests can make or break a purchasing decision. Utilize social media to promote your property and allow them to get in touch and remain in constant communication with your property during their stay and after. Curating a multi-platform presence is the best way to be found!

  3. Be authentic in your advertising and marketing. Gen Zers desire authenticity. Generation Z is looking for more unique travel opportunities that go above and beyond the traditional vacation. Showcase unique and authentic attractions, destinations, food, and experiences in your advertisements.

  4. Elevate the guest experience. With so many competitors in the industry, there's one thing that can set you apart from all the others: the guest experience. Gen Z is an experiential generation, which means members of this group often place more value on experiences than material things. Become part of the experience by reaching out to them before, during, and after their stay, as this generation is most likely to leave reviews and write/post about their experience. They often appreciate it when a brand makes an effort to understand its guests and treat them as individuals. Also, encourage photo opportunities and provide Gen Z with memorable and ‘post-worthy’ experiences that will improve their online presence.

These are just easy tips that can help you but learn to meet this generation and be willing to listen to their needs and ideas. Remember, you need to adapt to them, not vice versa!

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