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How to find a new job now!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

It’s known that certain times of year are better than others.

The start of the year is generally best, but September and October can be just as good.

That's because hiring happens in waves and after a slow summer, hiring managers are back ready to find new recruits. So, how to get started and how long can it take? Finding a new job can take a few months, so here’s a list of steps you can take to find a new job faster. (By KYLE ELLIOTT, career coach). 1. Get clear on your target role. You want to be specific about the type of role you want. Rather than targeting all openings consider which specific functional area you are drawn to, as well as the scope of responsibility you desire. While at it, you also want to be explicit about the company type you are targeting. 2. Update your resume. Make sure your resume is not only up to date but also tailored to the target role you outlined before. As you apply to roles, be sure to customize your resume to each opportunity. Do not rewrite it each time, instead strategically insert keywords from the job listing into your resume and double-check that you’re addressing each requirement in the posting. 3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile. This helps recruiters and hiring managers find you on the platform but also gives you a great resource when networking with prospects at your target company. Focus your attention on your headline, ensuring your target role is clearly listed, then add relevant keywords from your target job postings to your summary and experience. 4. Harness the power of networking. Remember that list of dream companies from step one? Revisit it regularly to see if you have any contacts working in your target roles...If you do, request information about the company. If you don’t have any contacts at your target companies, try leveraging LinkedIn to build out your network 5. Invest in professional help. Lastly, consider seeking out the help of a professional to support you in your job search. A career coach or a Recruiter can really make a difference!

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