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How to attract new talents

The talents expert Sarena Lin had many discussions with talents around the world, asking different questions about motivation, priorities, and how these changed in the past few years.

The pandemic, technology, social media, economy, and other factors are now reflecting how new talents face the job industry.

“As current and prospective talents become more confident in articulating what they are looking for, they are actively advocating for what’s important to them.”

These changing talent expectations are really important information for companies that want to attract and fully unlock the potential of these talents.

Here’s a list of tips that can help you achieve this.

First, as organization, you must embrace their values and work ethic.

“Self-advocating talents do not have a different work attitude or less ambition – rather, they are striving for the impact they are seeking – whether it’s working for a nobler purpose, better self-development, or greater flexibility.”

So, ask yourself what does your company stand for?

What do you expect from your employees?

What are you offering in return?

Be honest, and make a clear picture of the purpose and the contribution that your employees make through their daily work.

Move to a more dynamic and fluid work arrangement.

“You need to redesign organizations that allow projects and development opportunities, encourage different career paths beyond rigid career ladder, and allow for organic connectivity and networking.”

Some talents seek promotion, others value and flexibility and others strive for personal development.

People #leaders need to realize that they play a critical role.

“Talents are looking for leaders who have a genuine interest and a real understanding of what motivates them, who create inclusive space that empowers them to live their values and be their best, who identify opportunities to further their growth, and who mentor and coach them along the way.”

What is your position in this new working era?

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