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How CVs should look like

When looking for a new job you can have an ally, your CV.

James Reed, chairman of the Reed recruitment agency says that recruiters scan through CVS for about 7 seconds, a brief glance can decide who gets cut from the applicant list.

So, how should CVs look to pass this first step?

Here’s a list of things you better avoid according to career expert:

1. Keep it short:

Don’t make your cv more than 2,5 pages.

You can add all your experience, the secret is to be concise.

2. Choose the right fonts:

Sometimes we need to remember the importance of fonts and their readability. The suggested ones are Arial or Calibri because they are simple to understand.

3. Find the CV layouts:

You can get help looking for online templates and inspiration but remember the classical layout: list your employment in reverse chronological order with education underneath.

4. Spend time on your cover letter:

Is it ok to send a cover letter with your Cv, even when is not specified, but you need to make sure that your cover letter is engaging, profiled to the offer, and of course short!

Try to follow these simple steps next time you apply for a job and above all, be honest in what you write in it.

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